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Our first CD, released in November 2004.

Featuring seven tracks and many original tunes, this CD is our first attempt at capturing the homegrown Jiggermeister sound. It was recorded, edited and produced by Andrew Marcus.

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1. Deshabile Toi / Gaspé Reel

2. Arghhh... (A. Marcus, 2002) / Devil's Road / Lucifer Goes to the Circus (M. Kacalanos, 2003)

3. Low Light and Large Boxes (A. Marcus, 2003)

4. Spootiskerry (Ian Burns, 1980) / Balkan's Revenge (A. Marcus, 2002) / Bourreé Aurore Sand

5. Yurt in the Meadow (Gail Blake, 2001) / Julia Delaney

6. Old Joe Clark / Beren Tanz / Growling Old Woman, Grumbling Old Man

7. Waiting for Isabel (A. Marcus, 2003) / Columbia Waltz (A. Marcus, 2003)