Demo Tracks by Giant Robot Dance

Outlandishly Rocking Contra Dance Music!

Instruments: Accordion, Piano, Electric Guitar, Trombone, Drum Kit

Samples: We just posted two exciting new sample tracks on our MySpace page, and two more are coming!

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Gift of the Marcii, by Gift of the Marcii (Nov 2005)

Featuring many new tunes by Aaron and Andrew, as well as a few traditional tunes in new settings, this is a debut album not to be missed!

Instruments: Accordion, Piano, Concertina, Mountain Dulcimer, Throat-singing and lots of percussion

Style: Largely French-Canadian, with some jazz, waltzes, tangos and other styles thrown in.

Samples: Official Gift of the Marcii website, CD Baby and Apple iTunes

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Grab Bag, by Jiggermeister (Nov 2004)

Featuring seven tracks and many original tunes, this CD is our first attempt at capturing the homegrown Jiggermeister sound.

Instruments: Fiddle, Accordion, Bass, Guitar, Hurdy-Gurdy, Mandolin, Banjo, Xaphoon, Zils, and lots of percussion.

Style: funky groovy eclectic world fusion contra dance music.

Samples: Check out the official Jiggermeister website for samples and a complete track listing.

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